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Spokane, WA  USA
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Who We Are

Nedra Bayne took a journalist's path to agriculture. Byline credits include: Spokane Daily Chronicle, Washington Post, Top Farmer, Doanes' Agricultural Report, Washington Farmletter, Irrigation Age, Rice Journal, Farm Futures, Agri-Times NW, Capital Press, Farmer-Stockman, and Wheat Life. She is a past director of Spokane Ag Expo. Her Internet specialty is content projection, and skills include: JavaScript, PHP, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Flash.

Kenneth Krueger brings a background in strategic consulting, working with U.S. and British companies. His experience in helping provide financing to farmers, ranchers, and agricultural cooperatives during his career with Farm Credit Services offers insight into the need to enhance agricultural profitability. Ken has worked with the fruit industry to improve marketing and buyer acceptance.


Jessy Wardwell manages interactive sales for web properties as well as serves as the on-line news reporter for natural resource topics. He is completing his education in fire science.

Debbie Harris serves as consulting web producer emeritus. Before web development, she worked in biotechnology. She joined the Biology Department of Whitworth College, Spokane, WA, in September 2002.



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